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6th July 2014



6th July 2014



10th March 2014

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26th February 2014


A Real Troop

as i wander somber thoughts ponder i harbor hate in my heart i C the urban parts R Being enlarged, its harsh but this where i Belong Begone I’m not a attracted 2 blonds,I’sip this dark bourbon Phuck da suburbs i shout it out on purpose, ranked at the lowest status, I’m dark & handsome a handgun got me accurate with practice, only on campus when slangin 2 white folks Dope, this aint no episode 4 a reality show, smuggle in heroin no bulletin well aware they hate my brown skin use 2 hit comedy clubs just 4 Some kind of comfort what i discovered its a substance like narcotic whats idiotic their logic is it not consider chaotic yet their topic of racist jokes being sold & told I’m being charged 4 laughter dumb bastards it ain’t      therapeutic or humorous with my troops, I’m always in a bad mood, I’m that dude who’s viewed that my attribute is the part of R problem 

4th November 2013



prediction stuck in an evil predicament i stay legitimate only considerate 2 my Kins & those R the outcasted & sordid kids who squalors in the sin of shit, i fit just rite in, I’ve  Been living long 4 eons i live on & iN this inferno,i keep going in circles, hit reverse i reserve vino in my thermo, stay thorough load my galt’s with its ammo, i hurt foes 4 stepping N2 ambush a crook with a vileness look,O’h my babyhood withstood & so shall my       livelihood, I’m hanging N different hoods, I’m being lured 2 cure these Phucking fiends itch.,have a niche 4 this shit I’m out 2 get rich, its the art of survival its in your bible & its in my Deoxyribose Nucleic Acid, Nothing new 2 imagine     

the world is fertile & in trouble Kus here i cum, I’m born 2 ball & brawl & 2 fall N & out of love I’m Buzz plus I’m losing what I’m of aware of 

spend my holy holidays by myself @ the table not knowing what I’m capable of is a

appalling fucking feeling I’m always chillin 

I’m far from being simple or civil the devil throwing several deathblows, my cash flow grows & theres no stopping or stunning its growth…… 

the time I’ve spent on earth since birth, i been protecting my turf making crowds disburse

these cowards R amateurs, C them run when i pull out my gun & those 1’s who stay & act brave

i can dig U a grave, in unmarked burial place, now you’ll have your space, time 2 invade your headquarters Phuck y’all elders & all of yours altars nothing alters this G that Happens 2B  

a no good thief who don’t believe in a damn thing i roll solo its so lonely guess I’m loony, I’m 

losing homies not by natural causes thats the problem, the revolver is my answer I’m  very accurate when spitting  keep it moving aint shit smooth 

i need more loot, the Weed i Smoke has no odor   

a solider soul is cold & repulsive Phuck being sober keep a…….. 

20th October 2013

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Completed “The Hobbit” today on an airplane.


I departed LAX airport around 1:15 pm. I then made my connecting flight in CHarlotte, NC to Cincinnati, Ohio.Cincinnati is beautiful. I wish I had more time to walk around.


I slept in until 1 pm, 10 am west coast time (my body…

17th October 2013


a losT Train of ThoughTs

I’m looking thinner i need 2 get bigger 4 winter, I’m famish 4 your gourmet dinner,as i enter making no mistake i won’t whats on your plate snatching your steak, bacon & lettuce, the devil has a fetish, death uses a wooden instrument a clarinet and plays with excellence I’m walking in with elegance & a clear liquid in my bottle its liquor not water 

upset I’m always piss, i have no positive outlet, thee only exit i have, is what i hold N my hands I’ve gone mad, i haven’t ate its been days, i aint even got time 2 hibernate, i rarely sleep its been weeks, my brain is tweaked, can’t catch a wink, been living off caffeine weed & nicotine,i need 2 eat„  i best 2 reel in some energy,  i hit the “ mean streets “ a carnivore in need of meat, theres no such thing as a tender night, I’m hype 2 get my blood warmer I’m high off marijuana, a real 2Life Alpha.was given power So Acc0rding 2 my algebra, thee A.K47 negotiates away 2 escape, For Phuck sake   

don’t need a Album, 4 a annual underground battle, knock Punks off there axle, taKing  hacks with An Ax 2 Da back of Skulls, a professional who’s known 2 roam the coast, i love the lower region, but this season I’m pushing snow through cleveland, old as the “  tragedian in the comedian “ …… 

a lost saint moving about & around theses states Oh Ohio has its violence, i find tranquility amongst this so called potency in this here city, losing my grip on this wheel of thinking. aging & feeling myself drifting, Phuck that! no “ dry facts ” up here in the Northwest territory ….      

8th October 2013


“ mistake my kindness “

Yup, Phuck a Publicity stunt, holding a 12 gauge pump gotta love any contrivance, so i use violence, emptying slugs on punks I’m dumping in different slums all kus these chumps aren’t complying

defiance isn’t tolerated, this hoe that i call dope is ovulating     

using medical gloves, moving megatons on another drug run 

let me die young 

getting slower with age, I’m a disgrace its useless 2 pray

why say thanks when there isn’t shit 2 B grateful 4

bored & Phuck looking towards the time 2 come

& Being ruled under a good thumb, your lord isn’t my shepherd 

thee 9 millimeter is my protector, a scripture written on the back of a dollar

as medieval as the Kabbalah in my homies impala  

I’m eviler than Solomon, God damn my wicked plans

no longer a virgin lost it on purpose, worship not a thing on earth 

not even the birth of the first millennium, or that stadium that i call a womb

need proper food  

I’m so natural in battle that I’m kosher, a Str8 soulja 

a ferocious stoner, crack was golden, that was a domestic explosion.

a loner unmasked, let death brag.     

2Live again, once more B poor & have no friends, the life we want 2 live, is nothing but an  illusion.  

finding nothing amusing not even reading or music drinking 

booze & with this mentality of “ I’ve got nothing 2 lose “

i envy no1s hustle, unless their distrustful I’m subtile until theres trouble 

kus i love a good scuffle thinking nothing of it when throwing punches 

Phuck holding grudges, i need my money haters get touchy

then i simply get rough & send them up on a journey of no recovery 

bodies give a musky scent when left fo months somewhere on a open field 

 i yield a kill, 2 let foes know I’m real, giving a cold chill,creeping by my foes windowsill……….    

6th October 2013


“ $olitary “

I’m growing old & wearing my trousers low

load my pistol my wistful thoughts R long gone, never knew of a family bond  

the glum one, ready 2 fire this here gun, trying 2 stack Phucking millions, 

cash is a chameleon. lying in the beds of different bedlams, holding my emblem though I’m mental wasn’t born a felon, i don’t believe in heaven 

They say, a promise made, is a debt unpaid. so the poor is placed in the Lower District, where theres no restrictions 

& the flow of dope is consistent & if your in this business the result can B magnificent

hustle 4 every cent, a land made 4 my people, a steeple surviving 4 eras

bring terror 2 these solidary-streets, a wretch roaming free 

my revolver is 4 undercover officers & swastikas wearing motherPhuckers, a raw dose giving images of ghastly spectacles, I’m nothing special the technical one, who dares 2 accompany & comfort me 

while i walk N2 this valley of Getty,

i have no family. 

I’m burying traitors, lost bodies become neighbors, i was raised in countries near the sun 

cut the flesh of unflattering tongues 

nothing more stronger then a Phucking warmongers hunger

a california warrior who’s only warranty is 2 reap what we sow, so my immoral acts 

has me strap with a gat 

crack & crime has my kind intellectually impoverished

look what war has accomplished, I’m being modest, I’m no saint on these streets   

a mixture of nicotine & caffeine 2 keep me up while I’m Dealing 2 them fiends

nothing better then a bootleg salesman hustling off a bunch of illegal beverages 

cleverer then any of my competitors 

whatever it takes i partake in making G’z, I’m up-late with my posse  

smoking weed & drinking coffee…….

2nd October 2013

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29th September 2013



its Darkest just B4 the Dawn

life has already begun but here comes the end, depend upon suckers being wrong

undervalue my mild attitude can get U & your crew brutally murder

over a soft spoken murmur, yo body will never B discovered 

& your family won’t mentally recover  

I’m a sick motherPhucker 

an emotional time bomb thats pressing on

& annihilating any1 who’s poking around gunning down my opponents

i focus on my fortune & its bonus, Phuck that bogus shit get paid

call it a odd faith, kus my belief is 2 stack more green

as i blaze weed rolled in a cigar leaf  

creep up on those who dared 2 enlist 

as i mark off  these victims on this hit list  

get blasted for acting hysterical, a maniac who has never seen a miracle

its always been the 2 amigos

I’m running a muck by shutting up each & every contestant 

i perfected this product 2 make a major profit 

I’m methodical with every move, my mood & motto 

gots 2 B the mathematical truth, I’m in need of more loot

& in pursue of a bigger piece of the pie,

I’m tired so i excise any guys who bring problems 2 my life 

as time ticks the only tip 2 give is

never mind birthdays & gifts 

my expertise is in ambushing thee enemy

i speak highly of my M-16, obliterate any DEA agent 

Delete Every conversation make no mistake

dig a ditch 4 Rat & bring the garbage bags &

lets get rid of this Phucking Rodent 

I’m ferocious with this potent weaponry   

causing explosions with chemistry 

like the turn in the 9teenth century 

i get shit Phucking poppin release noxious fumes

Have your crew feelin nauseous & confused.

I’m elusive as Lucifer,   

pollute this overgrown country with a lovely hallucinogen 

the medical bulletin reads Adults & teens R Plagued in 2Days meth Craze 

a shockwave as i subvert the suburbs with this first-rate 

Blue Acid rain, i praise any1 on getting paid 

ponder & deliberate B4 i choose my own twist of fate……. 

28th September 2013



get it hot & muggy when I’m out mugging 4 money 

thinking nothing of it, i love the use of illegal substances   

A str8 hustler uses a silencer 2 muffle out the sounds 

when firing live rounds, its simply filthy in this town  

Cant find No sort of source of strength from with in

drugs numbs my wits, kus its 

not a average wait or weight when moving a   

package through traffic, fiends kop this trash, so its a known fact 

i litter, I’m strap with a 9millimeter 

aint a thing indecent, Jesus I’m a piece of shit

if my existence where measured by income, than I’m a penniless bum 

I’m a piece of junk, the scum of the earth

a vermin putting in work   

its as plain as inflecting pain on the lame, I’m 

causing the fake 2 faint, by braking the frame of my foes, bullets R shattering bones

I’m tried of being broke i need my dough & this chrome I’m holding

is guaranteeing better things, So I’m finding that appealing 

That nine is mine & my only lifeguard, small or large  

the slug cutting through lard,get torn apart in yo front yard, No facade

a soul that haunts god  

gas is cash so I’m snatching petroleum, a potato on the barrel my ammo is now pumping out sodium

I’m unholy homie got nothing going 4 me

won’t ever soar, so whats 2 live for, wilder than the joker sober

drops of liquor in my soda while I’m playing 


17th September 2013


“ how it is “

some might scoff,but da most common cause of life loss, is when 1 is showing off so punks get got, god is a phantom,I’m hanging with witty gang bangers, a city full of scavengers   

Yo your lights dimmer 4ever, C your lifeline flicker right out your eyes, Phucking being polite, i use my Smith & Wesson 2 correct your vision head bunt with the butt of my weapon

did a pitstop in colorado, 4 more cargo, as i conquer, ready myself 4 da neXt combat my gat makes any male look pale and frail,i need my Mail 

labeled as a underachiever, it doesn’t take a genius, I’m finding life meaningless, holding a death dealing 9 miller meter, i got unkind ideas, I’m devious 

& that idiot boy & Phuck a trick who plays coy 

a straight hustler, known as a blockbuster & knocking out buster

causing suckers 2 fluster when i start cussing

can’t stay calm, this bud is the bomb 

support fusion only solution is 2keep the dough coming in monthly, getting money, funny how weed has me keen on doing things 

a moonless night, take 2 the skis, a flight 2 Vancouver,

headed 2 the sewers, I’m the Phucking lords screwup, I’m on route, 2 the east of downtown

dealing fiends this New “ Crispy-Cream “ recipe 

hit the streets with the remedy just 2 see the live stream 

cops cant impede this flow of dope, 

i cope, severing a double dose 4 those who has the cash

Coke is Cooked Crack its just been tampered, I’m a cold hearted bastard & thats the unfortunate answer   

suckers R swindle as fiddle with this poison its self-employment, providing the client with the highest quality

call it poverty that drop the value of my property,

honestly its the economy that has me constantly robbing all through autumn

& i aint stopping, kop a machine gun,

from my homies in Michigan  

remember, new members this unwelcoming feeling 

hear the children of hell yelling 

the sounds R dispiriting & overwhelming 

lost my enthusiasm 4 life

a addict getting high

heres some derogatory stories with a bit of ethnic slurs ….

7th September 2013


“ By-Blow “

A sinful & a Cynical Criminal Who loves in Vain,

its a desolate place, Only Companion is this handsome Phucking Cannon

that i have in my hand, A Bastard that has nothing left, so i left

drifting with a gift 2 Pimp, its in my DNA 2 go astray, I’m

filled with rage as i marinate in this dumpy woman’s womb, a raising moon 

glooms, screaming 2 the ears of god, here i come 

as i Live & Breathe & Breed, a minority Planting colorful seeds.

Promised 2 harvest the largest crop of Raw MotherPhuckers.

A str8 hustler on any given month,

Making Bucks, I’m the Soul of a drunken solider.  

the autumn odor, go’s with my souped-up motor  

a loner who’s all grown, hold a chrome, I’m    

a carrier with a infectious disease, as i sneak N2 cities, simply 

4 infidelity & getting money, I’m no where near infinity,I’m stacking plenty but its never enough…..

6th September 2013


“ Fun Facts “

My Ordeal Out from Orphanages & jails,

Bounce Out of Orleans & 2 the Backstreets of Miami, 2 alleys of Cali

i aint 1 for charity,Never had a family  

unlucky i Popped out of a Prostitute Pussy

My Mother Was hussy, 

i get busy perfecting these techniques 

Aint shit lovely, got comfy 2 the thought that

No1 Loves me, born on the ugly countryside

a Lady of the Night, gave birth 2 A BORN KILLER

satan’s helper is a city dweller,

the devils cellar, is where fellas enter & rest 4ever He’s terrible & readily available,

 i’m buzzed from this vintage Vino

I’m unstable & evil, despite my wicked ego & a 4gotten identity the reality  

is, thee obvious 4 these 4gotten toddlers that no1 wants or Dare 2 the wish of them Bing whisk off or thought if they could just get lost

i Wasn’t Rocked 2 sleep at bedtime

No Nite-lights No long goodbyes nor songs or sung lullabies,

Raised in a Phucked up Place & i hate my Origin 

i was wrap in a blanket of sin & dropped N2 a trash-bin,

Pops was a pimp & moms turned Tricks. Damn it 2 shit  

if the broad only knew, Aint Nothing New, 

The Game,i run on dumb dames, i find entertaining. 

I’ve Been trained, 2 run trains on Hoes, getting bitches 2 disrobe,

a real 2life gigolo. doing Sexy Successful Show, Stacking banknotes, 

the devil Spoke, This Skillful Slut can Deep throat, hear her choke & gag

as she slobbers on my Sack

whores galore as i explore this territory 

heres a sob story 

2 Poor 2 B bummed out & down

never had a house 2 B homesick 

no counselors or orphanages gave a Shit about a rotten kid